Agile work environments and processes center around self-organization and adaptation to fluctuating demands. Therefore a leader of an Agile project, or an Agile company department, should have the ability to let people make their own decisions and make them fast — right? Sometimes that can seem like the opposite of…

Would you consider it a conceptual travesty to use the Kanban Tool to manage a Scrum-based process flow? Well, our customers don’t! Kanban Tool boards are widely open to personalization and can map out either of the frameworks with ease.

A team working next to a visual management board.

Kanban vs. Scrum, in short

A Scrum process:

  • bases on short iterations — Sprits,
  • typically…

Are you familiar with the dread that a seemingly unsurmountable task can cause? Some types of goals are impossible to estimate in time and effort, for instance, the path to changing a career or pivoting the entire premise of a business. …

Anna Majowska

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