Agile Kanban for Research Work

Research work, however fascinating and enjoyable, can be tough to organize into a structured process. And lack of a process more often than not leads to decrease in motivation, waste and difficulty in reaching a sense of accomplishment. It’s fair to say that work, that has been forged into an easy to follow workflow tends to be easier to grasp, manage and complete.

Distribute focus and resources

Plan & recap daily

Split subjects into items

Divide and follow

Limit WIP = limit confusion

Improve time management

Analyse and reboot

There seems to be no real reason why a Kanban board would not bring benefit to academic or science research work. You can try it any time with a physical board and sticky notes, or with a digital Kanban Tool. But please keep in mind, that in order for this to work, the board has got to be regularly updated. It does come naturally as you get used to viewing it, but as with any habit, takes time to build.
Have fun doing your research with Kanban!

The article was first published on the Kanban Tool Blog.