Can Agile Projects Turn into Agile Companies?

How to effectively spread an Agile project onto the rest of the organization?

  • Share results and enthusiasm
    If the other teams care about the work — they will want to participate in this change anyway after seeing changes within your team.
  • Talk about it informally
    This should bring better results than making official recommendations and formal presentations of a new way of doing things. Much better to inspire, than to impose.
  • Calculate the gain
    ..and present the numbers to high level officers within the company. Whereas teams respond to informal clues, the management is more inclined to be receptive to the strength of a data sheet showing comprehensive and persuasive information on the potential benefits.
  • Forecast the changes
    Play with the results and try foreseeing the other department’s potential gains — following the “documented gains” data, it’s perfectly normal to run an estimate of what can be achieved with x changes in x time. All you’re doing is making an example of duplicating what the Agile project has achieved and anticipating a wider result.
  • A welcome change approach
    Present the changes as ones that will make lives easier for both the management and teams (because they will).
  • Sneak in a suggestion
    You can try complaining about what is not working and direct the attention to an Agile approach to the problem that might give a better result.



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