Can We Adopt an Agile Mindset While Working a Project?

The easy answer is “yeah, it is possible” — just like with anything else, all you need to get it done is put your mind to it. But the real question is: how to get this done without falling behind in the actual work? In other words — how to achieve a goal while making the process more efficient at the same time?

Import the mindset from elsewhere?

Although popular and easy, this is a risky method, as all one-man based experiments can be. With the long-term goal here being that a team adopts a new way of working, the danger lies in them not accepting the Agile Evangelist as their teacher. It’s commonplace for people to resist change when it’s being ladled on by a strong individual, and in the case of wanting to introduce a long-term change, it might be safer to get the team to adopt the new ways at their own pace.
A decision regarding the best choice would have to depend on the particular team build, nature and history of their attitude towards change.

Take the necessary steps

These are the basic concepts of an Agile mindset. Keeping them in mind (or possibly on a board that is accessible to all team members at all times) makes it possible to be working on a product while trying to adjust the mental approach to being more Agile.

Who’s keeping the AGILE SCORE then?

What else are we meant to be doing?

But wait..

The final question

Quick “afterthought”

First posted on the Kanban Tool Blog.