Change Management: Focus on the People

Attempting to introduce new methods, policies or practices into an organization meets one, clear obstacle: resistance to change. Behaviour as natural for humans as breathing the air and very tricky to remove, due to the way our minds are wired to stray from the unknown and stick to once set ways.

Managing it

  1. Having everyone aware of the adjustments being implemented since before the process started
  2. Appointing a few representatives and ambassadors of the change from among the team
  3. Building a support network for the foreseeable issues and questions
  4. Crucially — ensuring excellent communication flow between all part-takers through process duration.

Preparing for people being difficult

  1. Stand a chance of feeling that more work will be expected from them in particular
  2. Were always advocating loudly for the old ways or vividly opposing the new ones when they were discussed
  3. Have been highly successful while working along the current lines of action.

Reinforcing and monitoring changes

Tracking down the results

Final thoughts:

  1. Don’t try to introduce a change that you know is not possible to implement
  2. Spend a lot of time choosing the right people to act as change managers and change support — the success of your change implementation lies largely on their hands
  3. Use a reliable scheduling and analysing tool to monitor the results and actions
  4. Focus on how the team are reacting and feeling throughout the process, their attitudes and knowing that they’re being cared for will be the make or brake of a success.



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