Common Agile Adoption Mistakes

Nowadays most companies want to adopt Agile and work alongside the methodology. It’s no wonder why, seeing how much positive change and productivity increase this generates, but there are some common pitfalls lurking there, that it is best to look out for:

Poor Team Build

The Planning Trap

Not Listening to the Customer

Not Letting the Team Have a Say

Having said that, making an assumption that the team members will organize everything perfectly well and completely autonomously is also likely to be wrong. Try meeting the two opposites somewhere down the middle by empowering to self-organise, while overseeing the results on a daily basis. Keep in mind, that Agile-typical self-organization is not synonymous with a lack of discipline.

Stopping at a Tool Adoption

The Agile adjustment needs to happen on all levels, it is not enough to just change the way you assign work to people. Each aspect, from thinking about work items, through planning their build to testing, deployment and feedback gathering need to apply an Agile character, which is: welcome change and apply it with great flexibility.

The Old “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail”…

ANd Above All — Don’t Idealize Agile

First posted on the Kanban Tool Blog.