Get Ahead of Work-related Stress!

Anna Majowska
2 min readJan 9, 2020

It is well established, common knowledge by now, that stress increases the risk of all kinds of diseases, and greatly contributes to burnout.
Have you taken any action against work stress affecting you? We’d like for you to at least consider the below strategies.

Put effort into creating good work relationships — while you may not be able to happily collaborate with everyone, it should be possible to make all your workplace relationships successful, just by being clear and open in your communication.
Don’t hold back from speaking your mind — your colleagues will respect that, even if your input goes against their point of view. Compromise and collaboration are what you should be focused on, rather than being right or special.

Learn to prioritize your goals and attempt quitting any multi-tasking, which is a waste of time in most people’s execution. Furthermore, try doing the most energy consuming tasks first, to have the day get easier for you with time. And, if you work consists of multiple high-stress & high-energy cost tasks, then why not sandwich easier, less draining activities between them, to at least get a moment to mentally recover.

Stay healthy in and outside of workspace — by eating good food, getting enough sleep, doing some exercise and keeping a good work to play time ratio. All of these will be of great help to stress management and reduction!

Stop relying on your memory for everything — by assuming that you’re going to forget, and by planning all activities in an application like Kanban Tool, that you can access anywhere and any time, you’ll free up your head and start to feel less overwhelmed.
Through this, you will also be more likely to act, rather than react. Having to react to unplanned or forgotten events causes much more stress, than having planned the action and done it on schedule.
Dare to eliminate disruptions, i.e. check your email only once or twice a day, if you can, and keep your phone on silent or hold just a few hours during which you are available to pick up. Have a go at making things easier for you!

Originally published on the Kanban Tool Blog.