How to Assess Your Business Agility?

Is making a business Agile as simple as getting a visual board, assigning the tasks to the team and reviewing the process every once in a while? Surely, for some lucky ones!
But for those having to manage a large bunch of people on a team, an ever-demanding group of customers and a constantly evolving process — things get complicated and need keeping an eye on.
Here are some pointers as to what should be checked for, when doubting your Business Agility.


User Stories

Customer Collaboration




Process Visualization

Power to the Team

Keeping a Score

Feedback Loops & Retrospectives

Some more important than others, all of the above are characteristic Agile best practices, which can indicate how Agile your business actually is, or can point you in the right direction, when the practices got lost along the way.

First published on the Kanban Tool Blog.



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