How to Deal with an Ever-Growing Backlog?

If you’re used to storing your workflow on a visual board, you may be experiencing the curse of a forever growing backlog column — in which case, you’re likely thinking “we’re never going to get this project done”.
Chances are — you may be right!
Consider the odds of you actually getting to work on the last items of the list, if new items, often of a higher priority, keep piling up.
It’s not uncommon for software developers to — sooner or later — just add another column or project, in which to keep the tasks they ARE going to take up in time, knowing all too well, the original, existing backlog has too many ideas they’ll never get to.
It can be said then, that if the backlog overgrows certain size, it may just as well stop existing, because it becomes an irrelevant, “pie in the sky”, “wouldn’t it be nice” place for things no-one will ever get time to work on. So, what’s the alternative, then?




Try getting a grip on the actual things you’re going to work on by applying a new backlog policy or by splitting it into a few sub-divisions, like on this Kanban Tool board:

Your team will not know what’s what, unless you make it clear to them. Try it out!

First published on the Kanban Tool Blog.