Lightweight Agile for Cautious Teams

Your company finally got the memo to consider the Agile approach to workflow management, but you’re not ready to jump all in and reinvent how you do things altogether — this is common occurrence.
It’s never easy to introduce change to companies. Even when the team is open to it, there will be difficulties and hiccups. Not to mention the havoc that forcing changes can create.
What can be done to make an introduction of Agile easier and less demanding for everyone?

Inform by free access

Make prioritisation a piece of cake

Shorten everything

See the patterns and foresee project completion

Applying the above approach shouldn’t demand that much work — it’s a basic and ultra light take on making your team more Agile than not.
Why not try it out for yourselves? If there is another one, significant reason to do it, it must be the calming effect that seeing what’s waiting for you for the coming day clearly in front of you. As opposed to knowing there is a number of things you need to do, but not being sure which to get on with first and wondering how many are you forgetting about right now. Leave the remembering part to post-its and focus on a single, most urgent task at hand.

Originally posted on the Kanban Tool Blog.