Not sure what got accomplished in your hard day’s work?

If your workdays feel very busy, and yet at the end of a day you’re not really able to pin-point what’s been completed, you may experience confusion and dissatisfaction. After all, you have been busy with something, so why does it feel as though hardly anything got done?

There may be several reasons why this happens.
It may be related to the very nature of your job — i.e. if you’re having to be available for various kinds of requests coming from a number of sources at the same time.
It may result from not making a plan — causing you to jump from one task to another, constantly switching attention between different things.
It may also stem from staying open to more interruptions than the unavoidable amount, by keeping email open and phone on, when it is not required.

But whatever the reason, the fact is, that because of remaining within this type of chaotic workflow, you’re likely to experience additional and unnecessary stress, not to mention being less productive.

Here are some ideas you could try in order to limit the chaos, stay sane and perhaps even get more done:

Make a list of all to-dos.

Work smart: automate where possible and stop multitasking.

Set due dates and only look at what’s immediately needed to be viewed.

Having a list makes prioritizing easier.

Going back to the initial problem of not being able to tell what you’ve done throughout the day — the question becomes very easy to answer, when you have a record of all work both waiting and done. It’s a great way of analyzing how you spend your time and what may be causing the biggest problems, time-wise.

Add to it all, the prospect of utilizing this online project management system with all of your coworkers — your team productivity improvements could be substantial. Moreover, lifting the burden of having to churn tasks and deadlines via notes and emails off of everyone, is something every team should experience for calmer, easier and more efficient work days.

Originally posted on the Kanban Tool Blog.



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