Overcoming team dysfunctions

In managing day to day team activity, it can get difficult to keep tabs on how well a team is actually doing. Completed tasks count on the team’s Kanban board may not tell the full story, seeing as quantity alone says nothing about quality. Analyzing how many have return from Done to Doing — tells a more complete story, but there are things we can actively do before things need to be re-worked.

Talk to the team.

But don’t talk once and for all. Keep checking.

Empower them, rather than looming over.

Welcome conflicts!

Stay open to team’s point of view.


But regardless of trying to stay ahead of problems, keeping tabs on a project status will be of help to both efficient teams, and to those who are still working their way out of a rut. Use a Kanban Tool board with automatically generated metrics, to get a quick quantitative insight into the progress. Readily available analytics include
a Breakdown Chart, Time Report, Lead & Cycle Time, Cumulative Flow and Changelog.

These, combined with keeping power with the team and staying on top of their morale, can hugely help to minimize negligence and improve projects quality, as well as speed of completion.

Originally posted on the Kanban Tool Blog.



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