Perfectionism vs Productivity — Too Good at What You Do?

It is commonly believed that those of us who call themselves or are known to be perfectionists are more productive or better suited for efficient work.
While this does make sense on a logical level — since someone who puts a lot of attention on details must be good at what they do — it turns out to not necessarily be true.

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Although the search for perfection is a noble one, it seldom seems practical in a group environment. What then?
You may want to try a few approaches for getting rid of it:
- Lose the need and eye for it. Don’t seek it
- Aim for good or done — complete — not for perfect. 99 times out of 100 it will be enough
- Compromise: with yourself, with others, with the work, with the standard. It can be learned. Aim for your perfection of normality. BEST of luck ;)

The article was first published on the Kanban Tool Blog.