Solving the Working from Home Conundrum

Anna Majowska
3 min readMar 6, 2018

If, despite best efforts, you are still getting stuck on social media while trying to do actual work — consider these, less obvious methods of improvement.

Control if & how much you’re eating

Home-office eating habits will have a long term impact on you: both forgetting to eat (because you’ve got all the time in the day for lunch) as well as constant munching (because the kitchen and all your favorite foods are so close to you).

Control the noise around you

Noisy neighbours, building and garden maintenance or ..loud family members (pets included) may become somewhat problematic when you’re trying to focus or talk on the phone. Try noise cancelling headphones and get a high quality head set for calls. If worse comes to worst, consider soundproofing the home office — it’s not as difficult as it seems.

More on sounds

If you’re intentionally listening to music while you work — and here is why you should — it’s best to make a choice of instrumental pieces only. Lyrics are a great cause of distraction. Also, it may be a good idea to make the type of music opposite to the pace and stress level you experience: calming sounds for hectic pace and stressful deadlines, and up-beat, rhythmic music for mundane, even-paced work.
This approach can help to keep a balance between aggravation and boredom.

Keep a more-less regular schedule

This is one easy way to get into a routine in a situation that shouts to your brain: we do what we want!. Getting used to doing certain tasks at specific points in the day will make for better productivity. Also, do make sure to leave the house at some point, otherwise — not surprisingly — you may get the feeling that you’re at work 24/7.

Don’t face the windows

We’ve previously mentioned why the space you choose for working from home matters a lot, but there is one more thing: It’s better not to sit in a spot that allows you to look out the window. Unless you have a brick wall view — anything you may see outside is likely to cause distraction.

Try these out to attempt an improvement of the way you work in your own home. Please keep in mind, that if nothing, absolutely nothing can make your working from home routine any more effective — it’s worth being honest about it, for your sake as much as your employer’s.
Knowing that you’re not being productive will catch up with you sooner or later, potentially causing a drop in your self-esteem and motivation, it may also cause depression. Better stay on top of the situation and admit when working from home had stopped ..working.
Other than this — try your best and keep saving multiple hours per day on the commute!

Originally published on the Kanban Tool Blog.