The Tangible Difference between Traditional and Agile Projects

The key difference when comparing traditional and Agile project management approaches lies not so much in the processes and methods, but in the team’s mindset.
Team members are asked to address the final, business view of their working matter, rather than see their daily tasks as work objects in a vacuum, unrelated to anything else. This is the core distinction.

Planning is a Necessity

Adaptability and Flexibility

Communication & Problem Solving

Shared Ownership and Traceable Project Input

Other benefits of choosing an Agile method for a project are likely to include:

  • More transparency within the project, which greatly supports knowledge sharing and cross-training of the team
  • Potential to boost the speed of product delivery
  • Easier monitoring and review thanks to the Agile — specific tracking tools

Try your hand at running a project the Agile way — hardly any investment is needed to try it out. Empower your team to take a more hands-on approach with a digital Kanban Tool.

This article was originally written for the Kanban Tool Blog.