What Makes a Responsible Agile Team?

There is a great true story of a ship captain, who realized his team were neither meeting their full capacity nor were as effective for the ship works as they could. Once each of the team was given full responsibility for what they did — their performance took a completely different turn, making the crew happier and more efficient, and making the ship a practical legend. Just one example of how an empowered team can make your organization thrive.
See what are the components of getting this to work right.

Team Empowerment

Trust is necessary to make this work, but this should be more than obvious. What matters here additionally, is leading by example. It’s demotivating for the team to know the boss isn’t showing up for work or/and has a light approach to his responsibilities, while expecting a serious one form them.

Commitment is Time-Saving

The Big Picture

The Company Agility

Taking these into account, a plan for making your team Agile, motivated and responsible for their actions should be this little bit easier. Best of luck!

This article was originally posted on the Kanban Tool Blog.