Why a Quiet Office Means a Productive Office?

Different types of work demand different environments, surely. But if there was one quality that benefits any work space, what would it be? Good, positive energy? Serious teamwork tools? A friendly manager? Decent coffee? Perhaps the quiet? Let’s explore the possible implications of working in a quiet office.




Thinking space

Reflection and analysis

A great example of a quiet, productive mindset are typical German offices — as mentioned in a BBC documentary Make me a German — chatting and taking care of private business while at work are not allowed — not just by the management — it’s simply being frowned upon by other employees. They are also very strict about keeping all communication direct and to the point — no hour-long “our vision” statement as a preface to all meetings allowed.
In general, there is a lot to be learned from this, seeing as the Germans tend to work shorter hours, yet produce more.

Being quiet creates a more productive atmosphere and builds better morale for the team. Why not try it for one day? It doesn’t take much, just shh…

First published on Kanban Tool Blog.